JT3-TGC-200 osteopathy therapy device


  TGC-200 osteopathy therapy device choose the principle of adding electromagnetic field to product a electric field on the ill point so as to induce electric dipole in body to rearrange and to make oscillation frequency of bio-electromagnetic wave in body stable and the curve be improved ,it can also increase depositing speed of calcium of the ill point and activate cyclizing mono-phosphate adenosine to include osteocyte and chondrecyte to finish repairation and restoration of bone,Meanwhile it can increase the activity of enzyme to increase ceucocyte and immunoglobrin visibly and to improve local circulation to bring about the function of antiphlogiston,discutient and depressant.


a.May treat under splint and plaster cast.

b.Suited for the function of antiphlogiston,discutient and depressant to fracture of bone.

c.Treat bone with no connecting and defect,Improve necrosis of femora lack of blood.

d.Treat osteoarthritic,sciatica and soft tissure injury.

e.Promote surgery wounds to be healed.


power;25VA 2 40VA 2
Two-route and two-gear output
(when warm booting)
Output field intensity for each route:10 Gauss
Output frequency:1.67HZ(low)     10HZ(high)
Temperature of foment:60(high)      40(low)